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Jumbo Carrot Gift Boxes

Hello again, we are over half way now through my Easter Series 2018, I hope you have all been enjoying it. Today I have these funny jumbo carrot gift boxes which look great inside my woven basket which I made at the beginning of the week.



I had the idea to make these back in October when I made my Pumpkin shaped gift boxes.

This will make fun gifts to give out at an Easter egg hunt willed with mini eggs.

To make these fun carrots you will need…

2 pieces of 6 x 11.5/8 (A4) as I explain in the video below you can use any length card, it will just alter the overall length of your carrot. So check out my video for the scoring if you are using 12″ or 11″ card.

Score along the short side 3″

Score along the long side 11.5/8 at 1″ & 8.5/8

Score back along the short side at 1″, 2″, 4″ & 5″ but just to the first score line.

Check out my full tutorial below for some extra scoring you need to do with your ruler.

2 pieces of 3″ x 3″ green card for your leaves.

Muti cut blade scissors.  You can purchase the ones I used on Amazon

The ribbon I used was from The Range UK.

Check out my full tutorial below.

If you missed the tutorial for the Wovem Basket I made which these go great with you can watch it here.

I really please with how they have turned out and how funny they look.


Hope you like this unique gift box idea and give it a go.




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  1. Oh yes Sam! Now I’ve made your basket, I definitely want a couple of these to go inside. Rainy Friday afternoon crafting beckons….. xxx

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