Impossible Cards

The Impossible Card

Hi everyone, today I have this Impossible Card to show you.

Impossible Card

Now it’s not Impossible to make but other people will really wonder how you made it, just as my husband did!

Impossible Card

This clever card is made from one piece of 5 x 7 cardstock and with just a couple of cut lines and a twist you will have this awesome card.

I first came across this last week on the Trimcraft YouTube channel and then saw that they have a craft challenge with this design over on their website, I’m going to add mine into the competition as the papers used are the Trimcraft, First Edition, Tropicana paper packs.

The “Happy Birthday” sentiment I used is by Dovecraft available at The Works.

The flower die plate I used is from eBay, which no longer able to find.

Impossible Card

To make these cards you will need…

1 piece of 5″ x 7″ cardstock, you need to mark with a pencil at 3.1/2″ along one of the long sides, then on the other long side, you need to mark with a pencil at 1.1/2 from both ends, then on the two short sides mark with a pencil at 2.1/2. Then need to join these two 2.1/2 marks creating one pencil mark through the middle of the card.

Now draw a line to that middle pencil line from the 3.1/2″ mark and the two 1.1/2″ marks, just like the image below.

I promise you this is easy and watching my tutorial below will make sense of it all if my written instructions sound complicated.

Impossible Card Template

Heres my full YouTube tutorial.

This folds flat to a 6″ x 7″ card when flat. You can make an envelope for this using the Envelope Punch Board following the instructions for 6″ x 7″ card size.

I hope you like this fun fold card from me today, it’s very easy to change in size and your cut lines can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

Impossible Card

I will definitely be making more of these and already have some ideas to change it up some more!




33 thoughts on “The Impossible Card

  1. Once you see the method, do your own thing. It doesn’t matter the size of paper you start with, you don’t need center, sides don’t need to be the same, the cuts can be crooked or wavy (deco scissors) … there are no rules here. Give it a shot, it’s just paper.

  2. Best video I have ever seen! Love the card! Will try it tomorrow. Thank you!

  3. So glad I found your YouTube video on this that lead me back to your blog! I have to make this card for an upcoming Design Team challenge and it looks so easy thanks to your template and tutorial!

  4. This took me a long time to make because I just couldn’t get the layering size correct! Even tho I followed the measurements. I will make another one right away since I now have it down! It is a very fun, amazing card.

  5. Hi. Love your card. I made one but the centre doesn’t seem to want to stand up. I wonder if I need thicker card stock?

  6. Hi Jennifer you do need a heavier card stock, I used 300 gsm for mine but slightly lighter will work still. Hope you manage to sort it x

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