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Circular Handle Gift Bags

Hey everyone, today I have these unusual Circular Handle gift bags.

Circular Handle Gift Bag

I love this simple change and think it gives, what is a standard gift bag a really cool look.

Circular Handle Gift Bag

The other great thing with this gift bag is it folds completely flat.

Fold Flat, Circular Handle Gift Bag

The tassel detail is also a nice touch.

To make these gift bags you will need…

2 pieces of 12″ x 11.1/2 patterned cardstock mine are 200gsm Stargazer paper pack from Simply Creative. I purchased mine from Create & Craft.

One one of your 12″ x 11.1/2 sheets you need to score along the 12″ side at 1/2″ & 4″ then rotate so the 1//2″ tab is at the top and score at 3.1/2 & 5.1/4, then rotate back again so the 1/2″ tab is now on the left-hand side and score at 2.1/4 down to the first score line.

On your other piece of 12″ 11.1/2 you want to follow all the same score lines as above except when you score the 5.1/4 scoreline, instead of scoring all the way down you want to just score to the second scoreline as this will be the front of your gift bag.

Check out my to templates below for a better understanding, as the paper I used in the tutorial doesn’t show up my score lines very well.

Template for the front of the gift bag.
Template for the back of the gift bag.

1 piece of 2.3/4 x 11″, A4 or 12″ for your tassel.

Score along the 2.3/4 side at 2″

2 pieces of 1″ x 6.1/2 for the loops.

1 piece of 3/8 x 1.3/4 to decorate the tassel.

1 piece of 1/2″ x 1.3/4 to decorate the tassel.

You can use any shape dies for your handles but my circle ones are 4″ & 3.3/4 in diameter.

The Shredding scissors I used to make my tassel are available on eBay.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

These 8 x 8 x 3.1/2 bags are a good size to hold many gifts.

Circular Handle Gift Bag

Hope you like today’s project and this week I’ve given you lots of ideas for you to make this weekend.




5 thoughts on “Circular Handle Gift Bags

  1. Stunningly beautiful and I love it I enjoyed the video also as always can’t wait for your next one blessing and congratulation for you subscription at over 10,000 I prayed you would be recognized by many I also pray you will continue to be recognized for you are amazingly outstanding and a first class person who knows the art of the trade which many do not everyday you have projects that are truly exemplary as I said before I have a chronic and terminal illness and spend days indoors your projects have lifted my heart and soul I am also trying to make some of the project know thanks Sam God bless you xxxx

  2. I just love making Bags & Boxes, all your makes are right up my street.
    Will make this bag later today and pop it on my Blog soon … Patricia-summerhousecrafts.blogspot.com sharing the link to you.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Tutorials.
    Patricia xxx

  3. Hello Senovia, you always say such kind things and I’m blown away by your kindness. Thank you for your prayers and your support, paper craft is my true passion, its not a business, it’s my hobby and i’m truly blessed that so many others enjoy watching me doing something I adore. In your darkest days, I’m humbled knowing that I’m lifting your spirts in some way and inspiring you to craft. Blessings to you xxx

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