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Curved Butterfly Pop Box!

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing these pretty Curved Butterfly Pop Boxes.

Curved Butterfly Pop Boxes.

The inspiration for this project came from this picture I saw in Google images.

Curved Pop Box

Whenever I see a 3D image and want to make it the first thing I do is draw what I think it will look like flat, from that, I can work out a template.

Template for Curved Pop Box

These can fold completely flat and have a similar look to the Pop Box I posted a few weeks ago.

Curved Butterfly Pop Box

I used some of the last sheets of my Dovecraft Nature’s Grace papers available from The Range UK

Curved Butterfly Pop Box

To make these you will need…

1 sheet of 10″ x 12″ pattern paper.

The real-life Butterflies I used were purchased early last year in China, but I’ve started seeing them popping up more now in craft stores and online. I have seen them In The Range and lots of sellers have them on eBay.

Please follow my tutorial below along with my template to see where you need to score and cut.

I’m really pleased with the final look of these and will definitely be trying out different sizes.

Curved Butterfly Pop Box

Have a wonderful week.

Happy crafting.





2 thoughts on “Curved Butterfly Pop Box!

  1. Hi Sam, another lovely project and tutorial from you – thank you. I have just made a template for this project, but I can’t get the sides to look as neat as yours, I think is the depth of the circle I am using, because I know I lined it up perfectly with the marks; I’ll figure it out. I love this project, and I have made quite a few of your creations. Thank you for the inspiration over the last couple of months that I have been viewing your YT Channel. BW Karen S

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