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The Star!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve done an unusual gift box, so today I have these awesome Star Gift Boxes.

Awesome Star Gift Boxes

When I made these a few weeks ago I was unsure whether to hold them back for Christmas in July or even until later in the year and use them in my Christmas Series but I decided to share them now as I have lots of Christmas projects already planned and I already have other ideas for these star gift boxes.

Star Gift Box

These open from the top in the same way as a pillow box and are surprisingly very roomy.

The Simply Creative Stargazer papers were perfect for this project and you can purchase them from Craft Stash UK & Amazon


To make these 5 point stars you will need…

I recommend you first make a template by drawing an 8″ or 20cm diameter circle on some scrap old card.

2 pieces of your chosen pattern cardstock with  8″ or 20cm diameter circles drawn on both.

You can make these circles by using a compass set to either 4″ or 10cm

Then set your compass again to 4.5/8 or 12cm and mark your 5 points around the edge of each circle, as shown in my template and video below.

Ignore the red markers.


To create the 5 curved sides I used my trusty Xcut Cutting System.

Ribbon and a sentiment of your choice, the sentiment I used are from Dovecraft and available from eBay.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

The trick to making these is precision, so don’t rush these and make sure you have 8″ circles and all your measurements are spot on! 🙂

Star Gift Box

I hope you have fun with today’s tutorial and give them a go, as I mention in my tutorial I have more shapes to share with you as well as different sizes so look out for them.

Have a wonderful weekend.



8 thoughts on “The Star!

  1. Sam…you are awesome! I can’t wait to try this box…thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I want to join the Hobby base Club, but I live in the United State. Do you ship the package to United State, and how much will be? Thank you.

  3. So cute! I have that stamp too and I love it, it’s such a nice sentiment. Now I’m wishing I had that paper pack to go with it 😀

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