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Travel Suitcase Gift Box

I enjoy all the things I make, but every now and then something makes me smile that little bit more.

Today’s project is one of them, although very simple in structure it’s the detail on this suitcase style gift box that I loved doing.

Suitcase Gift Box - Travel Themed Gift Box

From distressing the straps to adding the keyhole and key it’s all been a joy and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating this.

Suitcase Gift Box - Travel Themed Gift Box

The stickers I used were purchased from a little craft store on a mini trip to Suzhou in China. They are made in Japan by a company called Midori and the have a website This can be translated, however, I haven’t been able to find the stickers on there as they are probably older stock. I did look on Amazon and found a great selection, particular from this link here.

For the keyhole and key, I purchased these from The Works but they too seem to have sold out, however, I’ve found a few links below for you to check out.

The Range



Every Crafts A Pound.



The decorative metal case corners are 25mm or 1″ the exact ones are available here on eBay but only in the gold colour, but I’m sure from there you can find another seller selling the antique colour as I use or the silver.

Suitcase Gift Box - Travel Themed Gift Box

This is a nice sized gift box measuring 10″ x 2″

Suitcase Gift Box - Travel Themed Gift Box

Distressing the Kraft card gives it a leather worn look. I used the “Vintage Photo” Distress Oxide ink.

To make this you will need…

1 piece of 12″ x 12″ card stock.

Score at 1″ & 11″ if your using pattern paper make sure it’s facing the right way up when scoring these lines. Next rotate your card and score at 1″, 5″, 6″, 7″ and 11″

1 piece of 11.1/2 x 1.1/2 for the inside of your box. Score along the long side at 3/4″ & 10.3/4

2 pieces of 4″ x 1.1/2 for the inside sides of your box.

2 pieces of 1″ x 6″. Score along the long side at 1″ & 5″

2 pieces of 1″ x 7″. Score along the long side at 1″ & 5″

1 piece of 8″ x 1″ for your handle. Score along the long side at 1″ & 7″

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

By colouring the inside of the keyhole in black it makes it look more authentic and gives the box a more solid look.

Suitcase Gift Box - Travel Themed Gift Box

Hope you enjoyed this project and liked my tutorial.

Happy crafting.



7 thoughts on “Travel Suitcase Gift Box

  1. Coordinating but smaller version of this suitcase box perhaps? Love this one! So clever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Totally happy with this project. It is a must donceim me and it could be for so many things like travel, moving home, have a great holiday. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work

  3. I think you will put a diary/journal inside the gift box. It’s an adorable box. Would love to win it!

  4. Love this suitcase. I get so mesmerized by watching I totally forgot the giveaway. I am excited for the winner (and a little envious) Anything from you is definitely a treasure to be kept.

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