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Fancy Triangular Gift Boxes

Hi everyone, check out these cute Triangular Gift Boxes with feet!

Fancy Triangular Gift Boxes

I adore these, they look so elegant standing up like they do and I think the bow on top finishes them off perfectly.

Fancy Triangular Gift Box

Even though they are Triangular they are still roomy and have plenty of room for jewellery and sweets.

Fancy Triangular Gift Box

To make these you will need…

1 piece of 11″ x 7.7/8 cardstock for your main box. Score along the 11″ side at 3.1/2, 7″ & 10.1/2, then rotate the cardstock so the 1/2″ scoreline is towards the bottom and score along the 7.7/8 side at 3.1.8. Then flip the cardstock over so the 1/2″ scoreline is on your right-hand side and mark the cardstock with your stylus at 1.3/4, 5.1/4 & 8.3/4

1 piece of 11″ x 4.3/8 cardstock for your lid. First, along the 11″ side, you need to pull your cardstock out slightly just as I show in my tutorial and score at 3.5/8, then push the card back in again and score at 7.1/8 & 10.3/4. Rotate your cardstock so that the 1/4″ tab is towards the bottom of your scoreboard and score at 5/8″ & 1.1/4

1 piece of 11″ x 2″ cardstock for your feet. Score along the 11″ side and repeat the exact same scorelines you did for your lid. Then along the 2″ side, again making sure the 1/4″ tab is towards the bottom you need to score at 1/2″ & 1″

3 pieces of 3.1.8 x 3.1/4 of pattern paper to decorate.

I used the V&A paper pack from Trimcraft, available from Craft Stash.



To make the bow, please follow my Big Bow Gift Box tutorials, I have 2 tutorials and this one is just a smaller version.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

You can make these as tall or short as you like, just change the height of your cardstock.

Fancy Triangular Gift Boxes

By adding the feet detail it completely changes the whole look and style of the box.

Fancy Triangular Gift Box

As always I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial and give it a go.

Thank you for stopping by.



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