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Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bags

Hi everyone, I have something pretty for you to make this weekend.

Check out these gorgeous Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bags.

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bags

These are a more simplified version of my other Fruit Boxes I made last year which many of you really liked.

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bags

I’ve had this fancy edge die for ages which my mum gave me and we believe it’s Crafter’s Companion but now mum thinks it’s tattered lace as she used to subscribe to the magazine. Anyone know?

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bag

Fruit boxes are very common in China, where I live. The structure is designed in a way to give the boxes strength allowing them to hold heavy amounts of fruit which are given as gifts. I regularly see people carrying much larger versions of these boxes full of seasonal fruits.

Chinese Fruit Boxes

If you’ve missed my other versions you can find them below.

The one I’ve made today is 6″ x 3″ so a good size for a nice gift.

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bags

I just love the elegant finish and detail in the die.

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bag

To make these you will need.

1 piece of 9.1/2 x 12″ card stock.

Score along the 9.1/2 side at 6″ & 9″, then rotate your cardstock so that the 1/2″ tab is at the bottom  and your 12″ side is at the top and score at 3″,7.1/2 & 9″. You then need to flip your cardstock over so that the 1/2″ tab is running along the top of your scoreboard and score at 5.1/2 only down to the second scoreline.

1 piece of 9.1/2 x 9″ card stock.

Score exactly the same as above only along your 9″ side you just need to score at 3″ & 7.1/2

1 piece of 1″ x 9″ cardstock for your handle. You can use ribbon if you would prefer. Score along the 9″ side at 1″ & 8″

I’ve attached a template below as I’m aware that it’s hard to make out my score lines in my tutorial.


Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

I can’t wait to see your versions of this fruit box. If you haven’t already, please head over to my Facebook group Mixed Up Crafters where you can share all of your makes inspired by my tutorials.

Chinese Fruit Box Gift Bag

Happy crafting everyone, and have a wonderful weekend.



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  1. En verdad…Que cajas mas lindas!! Muero por hacerlas….lástima no lo tengan en español.


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