Cardmaking Using Arteza Watercolour Product

Hello everyone, a couple of weeks ago I was approached by Arteza, who asked me if I would like to choose and review some of their product.

Arteza is a well known and established company selling good quality, premium arts and crafts supplies so I jumped at the chance to sample some of their stuff.

Below you will find all of the product I chose and if you do choose to purchase anything from the links I’ve supplied you can receive a further 10% off valid until 25th April 2019, just enter code MixedUpCraft1

You can shop their whole collection here.

24 Premium Watercolours

Arteza Premium Watercolour Paints

I enjoyed painting with these and loved the variety of colours. I found them easy to blend and they lifted well off of the Arteza watercolour paper I used, which I liked.

To shop these watercolours please click here.

With these watercolours I used the Set of 15 Detailed Paint Brushes.

Arteza Set of 15 Detailed Paint Brushes

These were what I was most excited in receiving and I wasn’t disappointed, I found these brilliant. They allow you to add the smallest of details to your art, perfect for colouring in all those small stamped images.

To shop these paint brushes click here.

This is the fun card I made using them.

Creative Stamping Magazine Issue 68

The stamp set I used here was from issue 68 of Creative Stamping magazine, available from Crafts Stash.

Watercolour Set of 12 Premium Half Pans, Assorted Colours

Arteza 12 Watercolours

I was surprised with these, for some reason, I just thought they would be weak in colour and more childlike I guess, I was very wrong! These are highly pigmented colours and a very small amount goes a long way.

I thought the colour variety was ok, seeing as they blend well allowing you to make up many other colours.

To shop these watercolour paints click here.

With these paints, I used the Set of 4 Water Brush Pens.

Arteza Set of 4 Water Brushes

I found these to be very comfortable to hold and extremely soft and easy to squeeze in comparison to my other water brushes. With them being very soft I found that only a small amount of pressure is needed to allow the water to flow, so that took some getting used to but the results were still great.

To shop these water brushes click here.

This is the card I made using them.


The stamp set I used was the Woodware, Flower Garden stamp available from Hobbybase.

I did all my watercolouring on the Arteza A4 Watercolour Pad.

Arteza A4 Watercolour Pad

This is good quality thick 300gsm watercolour paper.

I saturated this paper when using the water brush pens and the paper warped only very slightly.

To shop this Watercolour Pad click here.

Please check out my more detailed review and demo below.

I thought the premium watercolours were very vibrant and smooth to use.

Creative Stamping Magazine Issue 68

The detailed brushes allowed me to colour these smaller images with no problem at all.

Creative Stamping Magazine Issue 68

I hope you found this blog post helpful and my video of interest.

Maybe I’ve been able to introduce some of you to Arteza and the products they offer, and I encourage you to check out their website as they have a lot more great art supplies available.

Thank you for stopping by

Happy crafting.



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