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Large Wine Bottle Carrier

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing a project that’s been requested a lot, and that’s a gift bag for a large bottle of wine.

Due to the heavy weight of these bottles, its not easy to do and I’ve wanted to make sure that I get it right and confident that it can take the weight.

Large Wine Bottle Carrier

This measures 14″ x 3.1/2 and will fit a standard bottle size.

I used the brand new Organic Kaleidoscope papers by the Natural History Museum.

This is an amazing 50-page pack of beautiful, unusual images available from Craft Stash here.Natural History Museum Organic Kaleidoscope Papers

Large Wine Bottle Carrier

For the tag, I used the beautiful Fern Border dies by Bright Rosa also available from Craft Stash here.

Bright Rosa Fern Border

And the Sentiment toppers by Dovecraft are available from Amazon here.Dovecraft Happy Birthday Toppers

My wooden dowels have come in handy again. I purchased them from The Works and you can find them online here.

Wooden Dowels

Not only do they support the bag and add strength but they also work well with this style.

Large Wine Bottle Carrier

To cut the semi-circle I used my trusty XCut Circle Cutter. You can find it here.

Xcut Circle Cutter

The main glue I used is the Collall All Purpose Glue, this dries stiff adding a firm finish to the cardstock, perfect for this kind of project.

You can purchase the collall from many online stores, but I’ve found the best offer here.

Collall All Purpose Glue.

Another glue I’ve found to dry very stiff is the Tesa Easy Stick. Available from Amazon here.

Tesa Easy Stick

I reinforced the base with 2 more layers of 350gsm cardstock just to really make sure the base would bow!

Large Wine Bottle Carrier

To make this you will need…

4 pieces of 10″ x 11″ strong cardstock I used the Papermainia Colossal Colours Collection.

Score along the 10″ side of 2 of the pieces at 3.1/2 & then 7″ only down to the first score line.

Score along the 11″ side of the same 2 pieces at 3.1/2

With the other 2 pieces, score along the 11″ side at 7.1/2

Score along the 10″ side at 3″ just to first score line and then 6.1/2 all the way down.

2 pieces of 5″ x 12″ pattern paper.

2 wooden dowels. Mine is just over 12″ and around 5mm thick.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

I really hope you like my idea today and it helps the many of you who requested this tutorial.

Large Wine Bottle Carrier

Have a great weekend.

Happy crafting




4 thoughts on “Large Wine Bottle Carrier

  1. I like this bag Sam. What a wonderful idea instead of a regular wine sock or something…..

  2. I adore this wine bag.tis brilliant 111
    I’ve tried to find Collall glue in Canada … any suggestions for a similar glue… as you mentioned one that dries stiff and strong

    Thanks so much

  3. Me again what gsm / on car stock are you using. I can’t find much coloured stock over 90lbs\
    .. should I double,up>

    collall is now at crafter;s companion in th US

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