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Double Z Fold Card

Hi everyone today I’m sharing this Large Double Z Fold Card which has evolved from my Large Double Display card I made a couple of weeks ago.

Double Z Fold Card

I love these long style cards, they are perfect for those special occasions and really stand out!

Double Z Fold Card

I used my favourite Dovecraft ‘Secret Garden’ collection to make these.

You can check out the full collection from Craft Stash here or Amazon here.

Dovecraft Secret Garden Collection

I love all the detail in this collection.

Double Z Fold Card

The wooden accessories are lovely.

Double Z Fold Card

The card folds flat fitting in a large envelope I made on the Envelope Punch Board.

You have loads of space on the back to stamp and write your message, making this card a perfect one for a work colleague and for all the staff to sign.

Double Z Fold Card

To make this card you will need…

2 piece of 12″ x 6″ cardstock for the main card.

Score along the 12″ side at 3″ flip it over and score at 6″

4 pieces of 12″ x 1″ cardstock for the thin panel strips.

Score along the 12£ side at 6″ then flip over and score at 9″.

7 pieces of  2.3/4 x 5.3/4 white card to mat the 4 front panels and 3 back panels.

7 pieces of 2.1/2 x 5.1/2 pattern paper to layer over the mats.

3 pieces of  2.3/4 x 3.3/4 white card to mat the 3 front sections.

3 pieces of 2.1/2 x 3.1/2 pattern paper to layer over the mats.

4 pieces of 3/4″ x 5.3/4 white card for the strip mats.

4 pieces of 1/2″ x 5.1/2 pattern paper to cover the mats.

6 pieces of  3/4″ x 2.3/4 white card to mat the smaller areas.

6 pieces of 1/2″ x 2.1/2 pattern paper to layer over the mats.

Embellishments to decorate the card.

You will need a piece of 12″ x 12″ paper for the envelope.

I used the Envelope Punch Board available here.

Check out my full tutorial below.

I love how pretty it looks even when folded.

Double Z Fold Card

I hope you like this style and add it to your list of cards to try.

Double Z Fold Card

Have a wonderful week.

Happy crafting



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3 thoughts on “Double Z Fold Card

  1. What a beautiful large card Sam. I love it very much. My type of card. A lot of cutting but I can see that it would be well worth it. Especially for a special occasion for a special someone! TYFS

  2. I love this card! But is there anyway you can make it smaller? I want to make it so bad but do not want that size! 🙁

  3. Hi Pam, I don’t make small cards, this was intended to be a large mantle showstopper card. If you type in Z Fold card on YouTube you will find lots of smaller ones, you could always stick 2 together in the middle. 🙂

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