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Stylish Designer Handbag

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing this very stylish leather looking designer handbag.

Stylish Designer Handbag

This is a very simple bag, it’s the pillow embossing folder and chain detail that turn it into a designer style handbag.

Stylish Designer Handbag

I used the 3D Gemini ‘Studded Leather’ embossing folder, this was purchased some months ago now and unfortunately, I can’t find any quilt style embossing folders anywhere, everywhere is sold out!

Please let me know if you find one so I can update this blog.

I love the matching mini gift card holder, it can easily hold more than one gift card & money.

Stylish Designer Handbag

To achieve the shine on the cardstock and the faux leather look I used gilding wax, mine is old however I’ve found some below which I think may work the same.

This Pearl Lustre one by Cosmic Shimmer may work.

Available from Amazon here.

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl Lustre Gilding Polish

Or maybe this Cosmic Shimmer Silver Dream, also available from Amazon here.

Stylish Designer Handbag

The chain detail is from an old necklace I had, I also have lots of broken jewelry which I like to keep and reuse on my gift bags. Charity shops are also a good place to find cheap costume jewelry or bags of broken bits.

Stylish Designer Handbag

The 25mm/1″ keyring hoops I purchased are from Amazon here.

key ring hoops

To make this bag you will need…

2 pieces of 10.1/2 x 8″ black card for the front and back of the bag.

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 7″ & 10.1/2. Score at 8.1/2 about 3/4 of the way down.

Score along the 8″ side at 5″

2 pieces of 6.5/8 x 4.3/4 embossed cardstock to decorate the front and back.

1 piece of 7″ x 4″ black cardstock for the lid.

Score along the 4″ side at 3.1/2

1 piece of 3.1/4 x 6.1/8 embossed cardstock to decorate the lid.

2 pieces of 2″ x 3/4″ black cardstock to attach the chain handle to the bag.

1 piece of 5.1/2 x 3/4″ black cardstock for the handle on the chain.

Score along the 5.1/2 side at 3/4″ x 4.3/4

2 pieces of 5/8″ x 3.3/4 embossed black cardstock to decorate both sides of the handle on the chain.

1 piece of 6″ x 4.1/4 embossed black cardstock for the gift card wallet.

Score along the 6″ side at 2″ & 4.1/2

1″ circle punch or dies for the gift card wallet.

2.1/4 diameter circle die for the closure

16mm black velcro dots, mine are from Amazon here.

16mm magnets, mine are Rare Earth from eBay here.

15mm Glue dots, mine are from Amazon here.

x2 pieces of 5.1/2 chain.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

I love the personalization on these, you could also have a number there instead for a special birthday, or maybe someone name.

Stylish Designer Handbag

I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial and remember to share anything you make inspired by my tutorials over on my Mixed Up Crafters Facebook group here.

Have a wonderful day.

Happy crafting



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8 thoughts on “Stylish Designer Handbag

  1. Hi Sam. I have a large A4 quilted embossing folded which I bought from ebay a few years ago. I believe it’s a Sue Wilson one. As far as I know it’s still available

  2. Hi Sam, I have an A4 embossing folder (pattern Sweet Lattice) from CraftS Too. Bought off ebay this week.

  3. Sam, I think you’ve outdone yourself in creating this gorgeous stylish bag!!! I just love it & must make one or a few for gifts……TY ever so much.

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