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Unusual Drawstring Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m back with #2 of my Gift bag Series. This Drawstring style bag is inspired by a Cartier version from the 1930’s! Of course mine isn’t made of Antelope skin and gilded eighteen-karat gold like that one, but I think it still looks lovely.  I made 2 styles and give you the measurements to…… Continue reading Unusual Drawstring Gift Bag

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Stylish Safari Style Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m back with number 2 of my Handbag Series, this series has been really well received and I’m so pleased that many of you are looking forward to it. I was inspired by a brown leather Marc Jacobs handbag from 2002. This is a great size and will fit some lovely gifts inside.…… Continue reading Stylish Safari Style Gift Bag

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Stylish Designer Handbag

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing this very stylish leather looking designer handbag. This is a very simple bag, it’s the pillow embossing folder and chain detail that turn it into a designer style handbag. I used the 3D Gemini ‘Studded Leather’ embossing folder, this was purchased some months ago now and unfortunately, I can’t find…… Continue reading Stylish Designer Handbag