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Stylish Safari Style Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m back with number 2 of my Handbag Series, this series has been really well received and I’m so pleased that many of you are looking forward to it.

I was inspired by a brown leather Marc Jacobs handbag from 2002.

This is a great size and will fit some lovely gifts inside.

I love adding real hardware to my gift bags, I think the metal rings work perfectly.


White Sakura Gelly Roll Pen, size 10 available here.

Key ring, rings available here.


2 pieces of 12′ x 10.1/2 card for the main bag.

Score along the 12′ side at 8.1/2 & 11.1/2

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 3′, 8.1/2 & 10′

Score back along the 12′ side at 10′ down to the 2nd scoreline only.

2 pieces of 6′ x 3.1/2 card for the pockets.

Score along 6′ side at 1/2′, 1′, 1.1/2, 4.1/2, 5′ & 5.1/2

Score along the 3.1/2 side at 1/2′

2 pieces of 3′ x 1.3/4 card for the pockets flaps.

Score along the1.3/4 side at 1/2′ & 3/4′

2 strips of 1′ x 12′ card for the handles.

Score along the 1′ side at 1/2′

1 strip of card and 1 strip of card to wrap around the middle of the bag

4 pieces of 1′ x 2.1/2 card to attach the handles to the bag.

Score along the 1′ side at 1/4′ & 3/4′ down to 1.1/2

4 squares of 1.1/4 1.1/4 card for the ends of the handles.

1 strip of 1′ x 12′ and 1 strip of 1′ x 5.1/2 to wrap around the card.

1 piece of 1′ x 1/2′ mirrored card for the end of one of the strips.

Score along the 1/2′ side at 1/4′

2 strips of 1/2′ x 3′ card for the sides of the gift bag.

Check out my full tutorial below.

As always thank you for visiting today.

Happy crafting



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