Halloween Series 2019 · Slide & Pop Box

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

BOO! Today’s tutorial is a good one for making the little ones jump this Halloween, or you can change the theme and have something else pop out of the box.

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

I’ve made this style before, one for Valentine’s Day and another for Father Day, those are bigger and will hold a chocolate bar.

Slide & Pop Box

Today’s version is much smaller and perfect to hold a few sweet treats.

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

I used the Sassy Crafting ‘Trick or Treat’ collection to make these, available here.

Sassy Crafting Trick or Treat

The spider looks so real from a distance, it certainly made me jump when I saw this in my bin! lol

HUGE Spider in my bin

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

To make these boxes you will need…

1 piece of 5.1/4 x 6″ black card for the tray.

Score at 3/4″ & 1.1/2 on all 4 sides.

1 piece of 3.1/8 x 6.1/2 black card for the case.

Along the 6.1/2 side pull the cardstock out slightly and score at 2.3/8 & 5.1/2 then push the cardstock back in and score at 3.1/8 & 6.1/4

1 piece of just under 3″ x just under 2.1/4 to decorate the inside of the tray.

1 piece of 1/2″ x 4 strong acetate.

1 piece of 2.1/8 x 2.7/8 white card for the top.

1 piece of 1.7/8 x 2.5/8 black card for the top.

2.1/2 ribbon for the pull tab.

Embellishments to decorate.

Check out my full tutorial below.

I hope the like these fun pop up favor boxes, these would be great for a childrens party, you could have all sorts popping out of them.

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

Have a great day.

Happy crafting



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  1. Love this, I remeber doing something along these lines some years ago and I too called it a “boo Box” it was made as a one layer explosion box. Will be making some of your ones they are so cute.

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