Halloween Series 2022 · Pop Up Box Cards

Pop-Up SURPRISE Gift Box, What’s Inside?!?

Hi everyone, project number 2 of my Halloween Series 2022 is these fun Pop-Up boxes. I’ve made a couple of these draw-style boxes with different pop-out pieces on my channel over the years, and then this year I saw a fun style on Polly’s Origami and this is my take on it. The pop-out spring…… Continue reading Pop-Up SURPRISE Gift Box, What’s Inside?!?

Halloween Series 2019 · Slide & Pop Box

BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

BOO! Today’s tutorial is a good one for making the little ones jump this Halloween, or you can change the theme and have something else pop out of the box. I’ve made this style before, one for Valentine’s Day and another for Father Day, those are bigger and will hold a chocolate bar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSn1LQOkwz8 Today’s…… Continue reading BOO! Mini Slide & Pop Box

Halloween Series 2019 · Uncategorized

Stitched Envelope Mini Album

Hi everyone, I wanted to make a Halloween Mini Album this year, so I’ve created this fun one using envelopes and the new Sassy Crafting collection. This mini-album holds 32, 6″ x 4″ photos, however, you can easily add more pages, tuck spots, and pockets. I received the fun Sassy Crafting collection the other week,…… Continue reading Stitched Envelope Mini Album

Gift Ideas for Men · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Display Top Gift Box

Don’t be alarmed, these bugs aren’t real, although that spider still freaks me out! I know Halloween is still a while away but I wanted to create this Display Top Gift Box to show off the bugs I cut from the First Edition ‘Nature’ USB by Trimcraft. I also call this a Specimen Gift Box…… Continue reading Display Top Gift Box