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Unusual Winged Gift Box With Sliding Draw

Hello friends, today I’m sharing this unusual Winged Gift Box With Acetate Draw.

Unusual Winged Gift Box With Sliding Draw

This is a good size and will hold a nice gift or some tasty treats.

This is the first project I’ve made using the supplies from my Papercraft Society kit 2 by Simply Made Crafts, however, you don’t need this kit to make these boxes.

You can get this kit here.

Papercraft Society Kit 2

The colours in this kit are different from my traditional red, green & gold that I usually use, however, it’s nice to have a change and create something a little different.

Unusual Winged Gift Box With Sliding Draw

I love the sentiment on these, it’s a great size with a lovely font!


2 pieces of 8″ x 5.1/2 for the case.

Score along the 8″ side at 1″ & 2.1/2 on both ends.

1 piece of 11.3/8 x 9″ acetate. My acetate is available here.

Score along the 11.3/8 side at 3″ & 8.3/8

Score along the 9″ side at 3″ & 6″

1 piece of 2.3/4 x 5.1/4 silver card for the top of the box.

1 piece of 2.1/2 x 5″ pattern paper to decorate the top of the box.

4 pieces of 2.7/8 x 2.7/8 cardstock to cover the ends and insides of the drawer if you’re using acetate.

For the Screw Punch I used, you will find it available here.

The Nuvo Drops I used are available here.

Check out my full tutorial below.

I love all the little details and embellishments on this one.

Unusual Winged Gift Box With Sliding Draw

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  1. A great idea for a box! My acetate isn’t strong enough so I may go ahead & just use cardstock for the drawer. TYFS

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