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Short & Wide 9″ X 6.1/2 X 5″ Gift Bags

Hello everyone, following on from yesterday’s Deluxe Selection Box tutorial, I’ve made these gift bags to hold them all.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bag

Of course, these gift bags can be made to hold anything you like but I made these for the 3 Selection Boxes I shared yesterday.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags

The size of these makes them perfect for holding some perfume or makeup gift sets, chocolate boxes and many other gift boxes that are short and wide.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags

This style is also perfect for carrying a cake or some Christmas treats for a party.

I love how everything matches, making an inexpensive gift look very special.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags

I initially had these tags on the Selection Boxes, but I decided to use them on the gift bag instead, and I think they look great.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags

If you haven’t yet seen the Deluxe Selection Boxes I shared one below.

Deluxe Selection Box OR Jewellery/Storage Box     Deluxe Selection Box OR Jewellery/Storage Box

I’ve filled mine with lots of chocolates and some Cinema & Coffee shop gift cards.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags


Dovecraft Christmas Tales papers available here.

Paper Addicts Festive Folly papers available here.

Paper Addicts Magical Stories papers available here.

Woodware ‘Twas Tag’ stamp available here.

Woodware ‘Big Christmas Words’ stamp available herehere

Cosmic Shimmer glue available here.


2 pieces of 9″ x 12″ pattern paper or card for the front and back of the bag.

Score along the 12″ side at 6.1/2

2 pieces of 7.1/2 x 8″ card for the sides.

Score along the 7.1/2 side at 1/2″ & 7″

Score along the 8″ side at 3″

2 pieces of 8.1/4 x 9″ card for the handles.

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 4.1/8

2 stipes of 9″ x 1/2″ card & 2 stripes of 9 x 1/4″ card to decorate the front and back.

Check out my full tutorial below.

I’m really pleased with how these have turned out and love how lovely this gift now looks.

Short & Wide 9" X 6.1/2 X 5" Gift Bags

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy crafting



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  1. This bag is just right for the Selection Box you made yesterday. It’s huge! TYFS

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