Easter Series 2021

Double Flip Lid Gift Basket

Hi everyone, here’s my Woven Double Flip Lid Basket I’ve recently made.

I love making gift baskets for Easter and I’ve made a different ones over the last few years.

I love the idea of having lots of gifts inside, and being able to see little sneak peaks of some of them when the lids are slightly lifted.

This is a great size and can be used for many occasions. I can’t wait to make this again for Christmas.


4 strips of 2′ x 5′ card for the hinges

Score along the 2′ side at 1′

1 strip of 1′ x A4 length card for the handle

1 piece of just over 7.1/4 x just over 10′ card for the lid.

Score at 1′ on all 4 sides.

1 piece of 7.1/4 x 10′ for the base.

Score all 4 sides at 1′

6 strips of 1′ x 7. 7/8 for the long horizontal sides.

6 strips of 1′ x 5.1/8 for the short horizontal sides

12 strips 1′ x 5′ for the vertical pieces to weave on all 4 sides

Check out my tutorial to see how I made it.

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Happy crafting



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