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How to make a Roll-Up Box Card

Hi everyone, I have another Baby Shower or new baby gift packaging idea.

I’ve made roll-up boxes before and thought this 3 box style would look nice with the ABC or 123.

They are 3 good-sized boxes and you could easily make this project taller and add more boxes.


Dress My Craft Little Miracle paper pad is available on Amazon here & eBay here.

The large alphabet dies are from Stampin Up, however, there are similar ones here.

There are similar ‘versus’ stamps available here.

Hook & Loop dots are available here.


1 piece of 7.1/2 x 7.3/4 card for the wrap.

Score along the 7.1/2 side at 2.1/2 & 5′

3 pieces of 10.1/2 x 8.1/4 for each box.

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 2.1/2, 5′, 7.1/2 & 10″

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 2.1/2, 5′ & 7.1/2

12 pieces of 2.1/4 x 2.1/4 pattern paper to decorate the sides of the boxes.

3 pieces of 2.1/4 x 2.1/4 pattern paper to cover the 3 square panels inside the wrap.

2.1/4 x 7.1/2 pattern paper to cover all the longer panels on the wrap & closure.

1 piece of 5′ x 7.3/4 card for the flip closure.

Score along the 5′ side at 1′

2 pieces of 3/4 x 7.1/2 pattern paper to cover the flap.

Check out my tutorial below to see how I made it.

There is space to write a message if you want to turn it into a box card.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting.


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