Easter Series 2022 · Orb Gift Boxes · Table Favours

Mini Easter Eggs

Hi friends, I first made this easter basket to put some gifts in but then decided to make some small Easter Egg gift boxes to go inside.

If you would like to see how I’ve made this very easy basket, click here.

I thought to use my Christmas Orb gift boxes I made a couple of years ago and just alter one end.

When I searched for my Orb tutorial I saw another video from Gemma Clarke, who had the same idea and credited me as she followed my Orb video too. Gemma has made some lovely versions which you can find here.

I have filled mine with chocolates and decided to seal them up completely this time, as they are going to be ripped open by a 3 & 4-year-old. However, if you would like to have them open, or hang them up you can follow my Orb tutorial here.

These are 2.3/4 x 2′ in size.


To make 1 egg you will need I piece of 6.1/4 x 4.1/2 card.

Score along the 6.1/4 side at 3/4′, 1.1/2, 2.1/4, 3′, 3.3/4, 4.1/2, 5.1/4 & 6′

Score along the 4.1/2 side at 3/4′, 2.1/4, 3′ & 3.3/4

14 pieces of 1/2′ x 1/2′ pattern paper to decorate all the small squares.

4 pieces of 1/2′ x 1.1/4 pattern paper to decorate the 4 longer sides.

Use my template and video below to see how I made them.

Happy crafting


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