Christmas Workshop 2019 · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Deluxe Selection Box OR Jewellery/Storage Box

Hi friends, today have these lovely Deluxe Selection Boxes or Storage/Jewellery Boxes to share. These can be used as a storage box for your craft room, a jewellery box, makeup box, treasure chest, but for me a selection box to hold loads of sweets and some gift cards. The big bow set them off perfectly.…… Continue reading Deluxe Selection Box OR Jewellery/Storage Box

Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Dancing Fairy Music Box

Hi everyone, today I have these gorgeous Dancing Fairy Music Style Boxes. I was inspired to make these from the “Fairy Tale” collection itself as it reminded me of a musical jewellery box I had as a little girl. When you opened it a fairy span around to the music that played. Mine was blue…… Continue reading Dancing Fairy Music Box

Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

3 Tier Jewellery/Storage box

I was browsing the web the other day when I came across this picture. I thought what a cool idea, however with no instructions and in a language, I couldn’t understand I had to work this out myself. I love setting myself challenges and love making more detailed boxes. I decided on the size I…… Continue reading 3 Tier Jewellery/Storage box