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Tiny, Dinky Gift Boxes

As the saying goes ‘It’s the little things that count’

These Tiny, Dinky Gift Boxes are so cute and fit some little treats or jewellery perfectly.


These are so easy and a perfect way to use up any old 6 x 6 DSP.

I used the beautiful Stampin Up ‘Falling in Love’ papers. This one looks like the lace from a wedding dress and would make perfect wedding favors.


To make these you will need…

1 piece of 6 x 6 paper to make the bigger box.

Score along one of the 6′ sides at 2, 2.3/4, 4.3/4, 5.1/2

Score along one of the sides at 1.1/2 & 5.1/4

To make the smaller box you need 1 piece of 4.3/4 x 6 paper

Score along 6 ‘ side as above.

Score along 4.3/4 side at 1.1/2 & 4

Score along

Velcro Dots.

Decorative brads.

Check out my video below for the full tutorial.


Happy Crafting everyone.




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