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Creative Card Series No 4, Double Slider Card with Stand

I’m really pleased with today’s card, this fun Double Slider Card with Stand.


These are quite popular and there are many styles around however I failed to find any with a stand, and I think I’ve manged to make it really easy to make as well.


I decided to make these male themed cards because YouTube is full of stuff for women, plus these cards are toy like and all men like a toy or gadget!


To make these cards you will need…

11 x 4.1/2 card for stand

Score along 11′ side at 4.1/2, 9, 9.7/8 & 10.3/4

2 pieces of card 3.1/2 x 4.1/4 for the main pull tabs.

4.1/4 x 4.1/4 card for mechanism, it’s best to have the same coloured card as you use for the stand.

A sheet of soft plastic 8 x 3.1/2 You can use a sandwich bag or plastic sleeve/wallet just make sure its not a noisy piece of plastic!

2 pieces of card the same colour as the tabs 4.1/2  2.1/2 this is to re-enforce them.

Printed papers to decorate main tabs 4 x 3.1/4

Printed paper to decorate the main front 4.1/8 x 4.1/8

My printed papers are called Mr Mister by Docrafts

My Happy Birthday die is unbranded and purchased from Ebay

My brown Kraft Card is also by Docrafts and I love it.

Check out my full video tutorial below to see how I’ve made it.

Hope you all enjoyed this one and as always remember to share your makes on my Mixed Up Craft Facebook Page

Happy Crafting



2 thoughts on “Creative Card Series No 4, Double Slider Card with Stand

  1. I love cards that have movement! This double slider card was awesome!! Your video makes it very easy to recreate! Which is what I am going to do. Thank you so much for generously sharing your videos!! Really looking forward to seeing more cards and videos!!

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