Christmas Countdown Calendar

Hi everyone, today is project number 3 of my Christmas Workshop 2017

Here is my Christmas Countdown Calendar


This idea came from my mum & dad who has a beautiful Crazy Mountain one.

I love this Christmas idea as its the first thing to come out and the first sign that Christmas is on its way.

I have been meaning to make or buy one since I left home but have never seen one I like and then with moving abroad its been forgotten…until now.


To make this fun project you will need…

2 pieces of red card 8.1/4 x 11.5/8 (A4) to make the cubes

If you only have 8.1/2 x 11 letter paper you will need an extra piece of card measuring 2.3/4 x 1 and score along the 1′ side at 1/2, this will form a tab which you will need to stick onto the end of your 11′ card.

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 2.3/4 & 5.1/2

Score along the 11′ side at 2.3/4, 5.1/2, 8.1/4 & 11 you then need to score back along the 8.1/4 side with the 5/8 tab at the top, score at 2.1/4 & 6 but only down to the 3rd scoreline, if you’re using A4 size. If your card is 11′ then your score down to the last score line.

1 piece of 8 x 7.1/4 green card for the base.

Score along the 7.1/4 side at 3/4 & 6.1/2

Score along the 8′ side at 3/4, 3.5/8, 4.3/8 & 7.1/4

1 piece of 11 x 6.5/8 green card for the back.

Score along the 6.5/8 side at 2.7/8

Score along the 11′ side at 2.5/8 & 8.3/8

You will need 12 pieces of  2.1/4 x 2.1/4 red card and 12 pieces of 2.1/8 x 2.1/8 white card.

Card for your sentiment 5.5/8 x 5/8

You need to stamp the following numbers…

Number 0 twice, Number 1 twice, Number 2 twice, Number 3 once, Number 4 once, Number 5 once, Number 6 once with will also be your number 9 turned upside down. Number 7 once and Number 8 once.

On one cube you need to put numbers 012345 and on the other 01278 & 6 which is also used as number 9.

Some brads for decoration.

I used my stitched dies for the cube with my Docrafts Carnival number stamps.

I also used my Xcut Thin Metal Sheets which give a great shine and dimension to the project.

For my sentiment, I used my Labeler Alphabet stamp set by Stampin Up.

Check out the full tutorial showing how I made this below.

I really enjoyed making this one and can’t wait to put it up on the 1st of December.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas Workshop 2017.






2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown Calendar

  1. Really love this idea and WILL be making at least 2 when I get back.
    I have tidied away all my craft things, I go off tomorrow with my sister for our annual holiday togther.
    Keep up the great work, I am loving your projects.
    I will be looking in even though I am on holiday!!
    Patricia xxx

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