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Clever Jacobs Ladder Card

Christmas Workshop project number 4

Clever Jacobs Ladder Card

Jacobs Ladder Christmas Card

These genius creations have always had me fascinated, the simple way the ribbon is wrapped creates a fun and clever toy or in this case a greeting card.

Jacobs Ladder Christmas Card

These are regularly sold by street sellers in China where I live, some have lights on them and look great at night, I was also inspired after seeing a wooden one made on ‘One Minute Crafts’ on Facebook.

Here’s the other side.

Jacobs Ladder Christmas Card

To make this fun project you will need…

12 card squares or rectangles any size, you can also use chipboard for this project.

12 slightly smaller squares or rectangles to mat the larger ones. This will give your project more strength and weight.

3 long lengths of good quality ribbon, mine were 40′ in length, try not to use a ribbon that holds its shape as this will stop your Jacobs Ladder flowing freely. you also don’t want to use thick ribbon something 1/2′ or less will work best.

Die cutouts and stamps to decorate.

The papers I used are from Craft Smith and are an old 6 x 6 paper stack called ‘Olde Time Christmas’.

You will need to make 2 piles of 6 squares or rectangles. On one of the piles on the back of each, you need to draw a pencil mark half way and then another roughly 1/4′ in from both sides. If your using rectangles then you need to mark this along with the longest sides.

Follow my full tutorial below to see how I made this.


I’ve got a little addicted to this style card now and have since made another 2 so I have 5 now! The designs are endless and as I mentioned in my tutorial as this has 12 sides it would be great decorated with the 12 Days of Christmas.




Hope you enjoyed this festive project from me and remember I would love to see your makes so please share on my Mixed Up Craft Facebook page or use #mixedupcraft and #mymixedupcraft and I can find your creation that way.

Happy crafting



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