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DIY Christmas Decorations & Gift Box

Christmas Workshop project number 5

DIY Christmas Decorations & Gift Box


This project is 2 in 1 because you have a lovely gift box that you can make and use for anything plus these fun decorations.


This project makes such a lovely gift as you can personalise each decoration for family and friends and have any theme you want.

To make this project you will need…

4 pieces of 10.1/4 x 6 for the decorations

Score along the 10.1/4 side at 2.1/2, 5, 7.1/2 & 10

Score along the 6′ side at 1 & 6

Rotate back onto the 10.1/4 side and score at 3/4, 1.3/4, 3.1/4, 4.1/4, 5.3/4, 6.3/4, 8.1/4 & 9.1/4 all down to the first score line. Then flip the card over and repeat the scoring.

16 pieces of 2.3/8 x 1.3/4 to decorated the sides of the decorations.

16 pieces of 2.1/8 x 1.1/2 for your sentiments on the 4 sides of the decorations.

2 pieces of 6.1/2 x 6.3/8 for the short sides of the gift box

Score along the 6.1/2 side at 1/4, 3, 3.1/2 & 6.1/4

Score along the 6.3/8 side at 1/2 & 5.5/8 put only down to the second score line.

2 pieces of 8.7/8 x 6.1/2 for the long sides of the gift box

Score along the 8.7/8 side at 1/2 & 8.3/8

Score along the 6.1/2 side at 1/4, 3, 3.1/2 & 6.1/4

1 piece of 7.7/8 x 6.3/8 card for the base of the gift box.

1 piece of Acetate 10.3/4 x 6.13/16

Score along the 10.3/4 at 2.3/4 & 8

4 pieces of ribbon approx 8-9′ long.

Follow my full tutorial below as there is some extra scoring you need to do.

This is a lovely project for an afternoon of crafting and I have posted this one up very early so that you have plenty of time to make these up.

I really hope you all enjoy this project, it is a lengthy one but I think its well worth it.

Have fun




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