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Mini Oriental Fruit Box Gift Bags

Hello everyone and happy Friday 🙂

Today I have these Mini Oriental Gift Bags.

How to make a Mini Fruit Box

I originally made this style gift bag back in June 2017 and have since had lots of people ask if I could make a smaller version.

Last years bigger version.


 I really like the self-closing mechanism.

How to make a Mini Fruit Box

I have made 3 different versions.

A shoulder style with the ribbon going across from side to side.

How to make a Mini Fruit Box

A wraparound style, with the ribbon, stuck on the bottom and wrapped around the bag tying up at the top.

How to make a Mini Fruit Box

A double handle style.

How to make a Mini Fruit Box

To make these gift bags you will need…

2 pieces of 6 x 6 paper, I used the Storyteller paper pack by First Edition.

There are quite a few score lines for this gift bag so its best to follow my tutorial below.

2 pieces of 10″ ribbon.

4 brads.

A sentiment of your choice.

I hope you like these smaller versions and check out the larger style if you haven’t already seen it.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend crafting,



4 thoughts on “Mini Oriental Fruit Box Gift Bags

  1. Love your videos and projects! this little bag is really great and I can think of many occasions for it.

  2. Oh thank you thank you Sam another 6×6 project more DSP used up – well it will be when I have made them and I have loads of ribbon and my daughter for my birthday just bought me a multi-hole piercer/eyelet tool. Brilliant can’t wait! :O)

  3. Hi Sam

    Thank you Sam for sending me this email with the link to your blog post – Mini Oriental Gift Bags.

    As if by magic, you created me another project using 6×6 paper/card stock which I had requested in my previous email but I only sent that yesterday so you were not to know.

    Anyhow, I watched your video tutorial, amazing as always you are so, so calm and your speak to us crafters so clearly that it so easy to follow your projects. Also holding up the nets after you have done cutting the card stock is such a fab idea because it does give us crafters time to pause the video and perhaps take a quick sketch or if you are lazy like myself take a photograph with your mobile phone of the screen of your laptop.

    Hopefully there are more 6×6 projects that were your favourites that you will be repeating, I have only recently started crafting so I haven’t seen any of these projects before BONUS!

    Till next time.

    Lorraine heart-and-crafts.blogspot.co.uk



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