Chinese Thread Book

Hello everyone,  it’s Chinese New Year tomorrow so I have another Chinese inspired project to share with you all.

Chinese Thread Book


These date back hundreds of years and show off the art of Origami beautifully. Check out the link below to read about the history of them in more detail.

The history of a Chinese Thread Book.


I first saw one in a Museum in China but was not allowed to take photos, I put a note of it in my diary as a reminder to look it up later. I was amazed by these gorgeous books and the variations out there.

I had a look on YouTube and found one tutorial by Paper Kawaii, This channel is dedicated to Origami and I found a great one showing how to make this Thread Book.

I was able to master it all pretty well but I really struggled on one part which I ended up leaving out, you can find this piece in my full tutorial below.


To make this you will need…

1 piece of 6″ x 5.1/2 card for the main outer case.

Score along the 6″ side at 2.7/8 & 3.1/8

1 piece of 2.5/8 x 5.1/4 patterned paper to decorate the front.

2 pieces of 7.1/2 x 7.1/2 of light weight paper to do the origami folding for the 2 square pockets, heavy card stock will not work for this due to all the folding.

1 piece of 8 x 8 for the large rectangle pocket.

1 piece of 2.1/2 x 5.1/8 patterned paper to mat inside the rectangle pocket.

1 piece of 2.1/2 x 5 patterned paper to decorate the top of the rectangle pocket.

2 pieces of 2.1/2 x 2.1/2 patterned paper to mat inside the 2 square pockets.

2 pieces of 1.3/4 x 1.3/4 patterned paper to decorate the tops of the square pockets.

Some flower die cuts, embellishments, ribbon and a sentiment to decorate.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I done all the folding and put it together.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and think they make a nice alternative to a birthday card. You can put a mini card and gift card inside or a letter, or as I mention in my tutorial some ribbon and embellishments and give it to another crafting buddy!


I’m on the look out for an antique one and will carry on trying to master that extra piece!

Hope you like today’s project and give it a go.

Gong Xi Fa Cai



11 thoughts on “Chinese Thread Book

  1. Sam, today’s project is spectacular. I have never seen anything like it before – you support us crafters from start to finish when making this ‘Chinese Thread Book’ and I definitely am going to attempt my version of this today. Thank you Sam I love it! :O)

  2. Hi

    Thank you for sending me this email today with the link to your latest blog post – Chinese Thread Book

    I watched the video tutorial and yes I thought it was a great project to try and I will be having a go today at some point.

    I really appreciate the work that goes into putting together these video tutorials for us crafters, so thank you Sam from a fairly new crafter who is developing her crafting skills day-by-day.

    Till your next email


    :O) >

  3. Love it. You make fabulous and easy to follow tutorials. May I ask the gsm of the paper used?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

  4. Another fantastic Tutorial, definitely going to have a go at this one ASAP
    A very busy house here today so no “play time”

  5. Beautiful case!! Love your boxes. I’m not sure if I missed something in the tutorial, but what are the score lines for the 8×8 paper. I only have measurements for the 71/2 x 71/2 Thanks

  6. Hi there… love this tutorial.
    I’m not sure if my reply went through so I’m going to give it another go.
    You gave the score lines for the 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 paper for the 2 square pockets, but I didn’t get the score lines for the 8×8 paper for the large envelope. Could you please supply them? Thanks

  7. Hi Linda, it’s all origami folding, I don’t list any score lines I show you how to fold. I’ve checked my tutorial and I show you how to fold the 7.1/2 x 7.1/2 paper and the 8 x 8 to make the large pocket.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Kind regards

  8. Wow!! I loved this project. Thank u sooo much for sharing. I made one right away. I love paper projects

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