My Happy Place | Craft Room Tour

Hi everyone, today I thought I would give you a peek into my craft space and give you a craft room tour.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

So many of you have asked over the last year to see my craft room and up until now, I’ve decided to keep it private, however, this Thursday my husband and I move to Shanghai to start another adventure so I thought I would make a short video diary to keep as a nice memory to look back on.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

For me, it’s not just a craft room but a place where I keep all the things that bring me joy, it’s a museum of things I’ve collected old & new over many many years.

From old family greeting cards to tacky Chinese decorations this room is full of curio’s and my craft stash and I love it. This room really does “Hug” me and I will be sad to see it all taken down but at the same time excited to start it all over again in another room in another city!

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

I’m very organised and feel you need to be if you have a lot of stuff. I need to be able to see everything and try to display it or store it in clear storage so I never forget what I have.

One of my favourite storage solutions are these clear perspex draws, each one comes with 3 draws and they are perfect for holding all your smaller nik naks, I store my brads, clips, hardware, sequins, buttons, embellishments, wooden veneers, trimmer blades and much much more. I purchased mine in China for 1.50 each! however, I have seen very similar ones onΒ eBay.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

Another piece of storage I love is my A4 draws. I purchased 5 from B&Q a couple years ago for 2.00 each I have them stacked up on top of each other and they hold all my A4 papers, acetate, vellum, 6 x 6 & 8 x 8 papers, watercolour paper, laminating pockets, fun foam and lots more, it’s so handy and takes up very little floor space.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

I was very lucky to have this built-in wall storage and matching unit which holds my die cutting machines on top and 12 x 12 papers inside.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

My other clever storage solution is my ribbon wall, not only is it a quick way to decorate any craft space and inject some colour but also the fact that it takes up no shelf or drawer space.

My Craft Room | Mixed Up Craft

Below are a few more close up’s of my storage including how I store my stamps & dies.

Check out my full craft room tour below.

As promised in my video I said I would share all the tutorials of past projects that I have made and show in my craft room tour. You can also find all these links in the video description below the video on YouTube.

Monthly Calendar


Easy Storage Pockets.

Perpetual Calendar

Mini Hanging Map Hearts

Origami Concertina Hanging Photo Album

Origami Hanging Photo Frame

A4 Expanding File

A5 Expanding File

Travellers Note Book

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed looking at my craft space and I have maybe given you some ideas on storage solutions or just some re-organising tips.

Once I’m all settled in my new craft room and have it just right I will do another video.

Have a wonderful week.



8 thoughts on “My Happy Place | Craft Room Tour

  1. oh to be that organized !!!!! I would have to move to make my craft room look like that…

  2. Hi Sam, thank you so much for sharing your craft room. I can understand why you would feel so happy while in that wonderful space. Also I would like to thank you for sharing your videos which I thoroughly enjoy.
    Will look forward to you sharing more of your videos once you and your husband get settled in your new place.

  3. I love love your craft room you set it up so well please can you tell me how you came up with the name Mixed Up Craft good luck in your new life blessing x

  4. Thank you for your kind message Dianne, we are all ready for the removal men tomorrow. Cant wait to get my new space up and running and start crafting again. πŸ™‚ x

  5. Thank you Segovia. It stands for many things, I’ve always “Mixed” things up through out my life, weather in my fashion, my Crafting, Cooking, Boyfriends, Friends, I think you get the idea πŸ™‚ I have never done things the “normal” way so to speak, Mixed Up Craft seemed a good name as it covers so many things for me. x

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