Medium Gift Boxes

DIY Gable Box or Lunch Box

Hi everyone, I got a cool gift box project today.

DIY Gable Box

How to make a DIY Gable Box

These Gable boxes need no die or file they are all made by freehand and are lots of fun to make.

How to make a DIY Gable Box

This is a great size 4″ x 7.1/2 and if you don’t stick down the base you can store these flat until you need them.

How to make a DIY Gable Box

To make these boxes you will need…

2 pieces of 12″ x 12″ cardstock or strong paper, I used the “Botanical” papers from First Edition.


Score along one side of your card at 1/2″ & 8″ then rotate your card so the 1/2″ scoreline is running along the top of your scoreboard and score at 1.3/4, 3.3/4 & 8″

For all the other pencil lines and cut lines please revert to the full tutorial below.

The clever closure will contain whatever you pop inside, with a nice handle to carry it.

How to make a DIY Gable Box

Thank you for stopping by today, I was nice to make a gift box after all the cards I’ve recently been making.

How to make a DIY Gable Box

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Happy crafting



6 thoughts on “DIY Gable Box or Lunch Box

  1. Hello Sam!
    The die you’ve used in this box is lovely. Do you know if it’s still available.

  2. Hi Sam, am I going mad? Just scored 2 pieces of 12 X 12 having made sure pattern was the right way up as you explained and now find my box ends up with pattern upside down?

    Love your tutorials and am making loads.



  3. Hi Steve, firstly I’m so sorry, you are not going mad your’re so right! I’ve now edited that out of the video and changed my blog. Thank you for letting me know, I do hope I haven’t caused you too much trouble! Sam 🙂

  4. Thanks Sam,
    I had another go with the half inch score line to the bottom of my score board. I ended up with a mirror image but managed to complete it. You are right, it is a really sweet box and a really good size one too.

    Keep up the good work, I am loving following your tutorials.


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