How I store my A4 Magazine Stamps

Hey everyone, when I did my craft room tour video a lot of you asked me how I stored my clear stamps, so today I thought I would share how I store my large A4 Magazine Stamps.


I love these large stamp sets, their great value for money and always have great images, however, after collecting them for some years and with them being the larger A4 size, they can be difficult to store.

I was storing them in A4 folders and this system does work, but I was forgetting what stamps I had from these files, and these beautiful stamps were getting forgotten.

The old way of storing my stamps


Since moving and having to shrink down my craft room I have needed to find a better way to store these to fit in my craft space.

All of my smaller “common” sized stamps have been stored in A5 clear pockets, labelled and organized into categories.  I love this way, so wanted to be able to store these larger stamps in the same way.

How I store my clear stamps

I decided to roughly cut every stamp out from these large sheets, keeping the image on the acetate sheet. From here I cut in half the other A4 acetate sheet from the back side of the stamp set giving me two A5 acetate sheets. I then rearranged all the stamps over these two sheets and stuck them down with double-sided tape. I then added a sheet of A5 white paper behind so I can clearly see the images and popped it all into the A5 pocket.

You can use any A5 pockets, these are very inexpensive, all you need to do is carefully cut away the hole punched side leaving you with a plain pocket. You can also buy A5 envelope pockets, which have a flap on the top but these are more expensive, so it depends on your budget.

Mine are from Muji which is a worldwide store and I paid around 1 pound for 10 these are good quality and very strong, however, you can also find many on Amazon, eBay and any good stationary store.

                         Envelope Clear Storage Pockets                 A5 Clear Sleeves” Budget” option.

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Check out my full tutorial below where I explain this in more detail.


I organise all my stamps into categories and use the Brother P-Touch D210 to do this.


How I store my clear stamps

I hope you find this blog useful and it gives you some ideas on how to store or organise your stamps better.

Happy organising



6 thoughts on “How I store my A4 Magazine Stamps

  1. Thanks Sam. wonderful information.I have another question re: brother nametags.How can you make it so I do not have a large piece on one side of thelettering (what you have to cut of and is waste)? Yvonne

  2. Thanks for the idea I have loads of mine all stored in boxes which make it difficult to see.Margaret Fllinders

  3. Hello, sorry I’ve taken so long to reply! I know Jennifer Maquire on YouTube has done a tutorial on this but I’ve yet to check it out. Head over to her channel and she will eaplin it all 🙂

  4. Hi, You can stamp an image with your stamp on acetate. This way you won’t have to fussy cut.

  5. Yes, I know, however I sometimes gift my stamps away or change things around and stamping on the acetate would restrict that. Great idea though 🙂

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