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Mini Lantern Tree Decorations

Hello everyone, I don’t usually post a tutorial on a Thursday, however after posting yesterdays Large Christmas Lantern tutorial I received a lot of emails and messages asking if I could give measurements for a smaller size to hang from the Christmas tree. Rather then message everyone with the measurements I decided to make a tutorial.

I’m so pleased I did because these are adorable!

Mini Lantern Tree Decorations.

Measuring 2″ x 2″ x 4.1/2 these fit one battery operated T-light perfectly.

Mini Lantern Tree Decorations.

I kept the design the same as the larger one as I like them to match as they will all be around my tree this year and I’m a traditional red, green and gold girl at Christmas.

Mini Lantern Tree Decorations.

To make these you will need…

2 pieces of 4.1/4 x 6.3/4 Kraft card for your main lantern. I use the A4 Kraftstax card from Docrafts.

Score along the 4.1/4 side at 2″ & 4″

Score along the longer side at 3/4″, 1.3/4 & 4.3/4

Score again along the shorter side with the 1/4 tab on the right-hand side at 3/8″, 5/8″, 1.3/8, 2.3/8, 2.5/8 & 3.3/8 all down to the first score line only.

There are a few more score lines to add but it’s best to watch the tutorial for them.

3 pieces of 1.7/8 x 1.7/8 velum for your windows.

1 piece of 3/8″ x 5″ black cardstock for your handle.

1 piece of 3/8″ x 8.1/4 black cardstock to decorate the bottom.

1 piece of 3/8″ x 3.1/2 to decorate the top of the chimney.

Foliage die cuts, ribbon, and bells to decorate.

I have attached two templates below as it may not be to clear in my tutorial.

This first template shows how all your score lines should be.

Mini Lantern Tree Decoration Template.

The second template shows all the pieces you need to cut.

Mini Lantern Tree Decoration Template.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

These do not take long to make at all and would be perfect as party favors stuffed with sweets.

Mini Lantern Tree Decorations.

Thank you for popping by today, I will be back again tomorrow with my usual Friday tutorial.

Happy Crafting



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  1. I found you a few months ago. I love watching your tutorials, you are so precise and make difficult makes look so easy. Thank you for sharing your talent. Lesley xx

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  2. Hi Lesley, thank you for subscribing.
    I try to break everything down, step by step so that everyone can understand better and then have a go at trying to make it. 🙂

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