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The Papercraft Society & Big Reveal Of What’s Inside!

Hello everyone, over on my Facebook page I have been sharing a playlist of very short videos showing you what you will get and be able to make with the brand new Papercraft Society kit that has launched this month.

I’m aware that not everyone is on Facebook so I thought I would share the videos here so you don’t miss out.

Papercraft_society_£60_worth_of_products_750x450px FOM-01.png

I have subscribed to receive my first box and I can’t wait to get it very soon, and since seeing what’s inside I’m very excited!

If you would like to subscribe to the kit or find out more please click here.

Take a look at these short sneak peek videos and then at the very bottom I have shared the big reveal video, showing you everything you get. If you want a surprise, then don’t watch any apart from the first one! 😂😂😂


The BIG reveal!

If you have already subscribed, I hope you are as excited as me and enjoy the first box.

Happy crafting



Disclaimer Some of the product links used are affiliated, these do not cost you extra but by using them I will receive a small % of the sales which then help me to continue bringing you great YouTube tutorials. Thank you all for your support.

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  1. Hello. I’m wondering if you are related to “Poodles Papercrafting” also from the U.K.? Love your videos. (And your rings!) Thanks again!

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