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5.3/4 x 5.3/4 Fold Flat Gift Bags

Hi everyone, today I have these handy fold-flat gift bags to share.

5.3/4 x 5.3/4 Fold Flat Gift Bags

These measure 5.3/4 x 5.3/4 x 6.1/4, a great size for fragrances, candles, and jars of preserves etc.

5.3/4 x 5.3/4 Fold Flat Gift Bags

These are very similar to my other fold flat gift bags except this time I have scored both sides so the fold flat in both directions.

There is no need to have it fold in both directions but I like to play around and try new things.

I’ve made 10 of these from the Paper Addicts Sligh Ride paper pad.

5.3/4 x 5.3/4 Fold Flat Gift Bags


Paper Addicts Sleigh Ride paper pad available here.

The Simply Creative ‘Happy Christmas’ stickers are from last year and sold out.


2 pieces of 12″ x 12″ pattern paper.

Score along one side at 5.3/4 & 11.1/2

Score along the other side at 5.3/4 & 8.5/8

Score back along the other side at 8.5/8 down to the first scoreline.

Check out my full tutorial below.

Since filming, these are all almost used, with tags and ready to go under the tree.

I love the wooden snowflake embellishment and the silver ribbon works great with this paper pad.

I hope you find these gift bags useful.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting


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  1. I love this bag Sam. I don’t mind the score line in the front at all. Makes it easier for me to make the bags the same way. This could actually be done for any of your bags? This is a great size one as well and seems to be sturdy because of the 4 panels staying on the bottom. TYFS

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