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NEW Chair Swing Cards

Hi everyone, on Saturday I launched my new Fun At The Fair collection. This release has 3 amazing Fun Fair Ride cards, a Swing Chair, Swinging Boat & Ferris Wheel.


There is also a cute set of 8 characters to sit on the rides, a sentiments stamp set and an 8 x 8 paper pad.


You can shop the full collection from Craft Stash here.

Today I’m going to show you how to put together the Chair Swing set, you will find step by step photos along with my tutorial below. A heavy weight card stock is recommended to make this card, if you have a lighter weight card, I recommend doubling it up.

These cards are a lot of fun to make and a real surprise for the recipient when they receive them.

They have space on the back to write your message.

They also fold flat and will fit inside an envelope of box envelope.

You will find step by step photos along with my tutorial below. A heavy weight card stock is recommended to make this card, if you have a lighter weight card, I recommend doubling it up.


Step 1

Die-cut the 2 large dies to make the stand, adhere together ensuring you fold out the 2 tabs. Be sure you use a strong construction glue some thing that doesn’t warp the card.  I use Collall All purpose sold here or Beacon 3 in 1 sold here.

Step 2

Die-cut 2 pieces for the base. Fold the 2 pieces so that all the scoreline are mountain folds. Adhere the mat layers in your chosen paper.

Step 3

Lay the stand in the centre of one of the base pieces. DO NOT stick this down, instead add a small amount of glue either side.

Step 4

Adhere the other piece of the base together as shown.

Step 5

Check that the stand can now easily slide through the base.

Step 6

With the stand resting in the base piece and the bottom of the base lays flat on the table, add some glue to the small tab and adhere below the line on the stand. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7

When the glue is dry you should have a shape like below.

Step 7

Check that the base can side up and lay flat.

Step 8

Die-cut 8 of the baskets and stamp, colour and cut 4 of your characters. Add a little glue to the bottom, front of their legs and adhere inside the basket so their arms hang over the basket. add glue all over the back and adhere another basket to conceal the character and give the card a more finished look.

Step 9

Die-cut the piece with the 4 small holes and using 5mm brads adhere the baskets. add a washer on the back and use a piercing tool to open the brad and lift the brads from the card stock. This will allow the baskets to swing freely.

Step 10

apply a small line of glue along the tab on the stand and adhere the basket piece.

Step 11

Flip this piece over and adhere a thin strip of foam tape on the other side of the stand tab.

Step 12

Remove the release paper and fold back over the baskets and the flap and adhere. The baskets are now slightly elevated away from the stand by the foam and will be able to swing freely. Repeat on the back with the other tab.

Step 13

Die-cut the scallop edge die, if you want to colours, die-cut another one and cut up all the lines so you have lots of pieces and adhere every other one to create the look below.

Step 14

Die cut 4 of the ‘Tent’ top, adhere 2 together with strong glue so you have one for the front and one for the back. Adhere the trim to the bottom.

Step 15

Add another strip of foam along the top of the stand and adhere the tent. Repeat on the back and adhere the other side of the tent.

Step 16

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I put it together.

You can paper piece the top of the card in many ways, you can also colour or use mirrored card.

Thank you for visiting today.

Happy crafting



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