Christmas Workshop 2021

Adorable Mail Box Gift Boxes

Hi everyone, I recently made these cute Mail Boxes and they’ve been so well received by so many of you. Check out our group Mixed Up Crafters if you want to see all the wonderful versions being shared!

These will make wonderful table favours, gifts for your neighbors, left on their door step or just sat under the tree with a special gift inside!

There is plenty of space inside to hold your gift.

If you fill the stand with sand, it will be able to hold a heavier gift.



Christmas paper pad from The Works, in-store only.

Bristle trees, my exact ones aren’t available online, but click here for are some similar ones.

Foot print stamp set is available here.

8mm Brads available here.

2mm greybeard available here.

Hook & Loop dots are available here.



1 piece of 12 x 5.1/2 card for the box.

Score along the 12′ side at 1/2′ & 11.1/2

Score along the 5.1/2 side at 1/2′

Score back along the 12′ side with the 1/2′ scoreline running along the top and score at 4′ & 8′ just to the scoreline.

1 piece of 3′ x 5.1/2 card for the base of the box.

Score along the 5.1/2 side at 5′

1 piece of 3′ x 5′ card for the back of the box.

1 piece of 3′ x 5′ to cover the base of the mailbox (optional)


1 piece of 3′ x 6′ card for the front piece.

Score along the 6′ side at 5.1/2

1 strip of 1.1/2 x 11.1/4 card for the sides of the lid.

Score along the 1.1/2 side at 1/2′

Score along the 11.1/4 side with the 1/2 section towards the top and score at 3 & 8.1/4 just down to the 1/2′ scoreline.

1 piece of 2′ x 3/4 card for the fastening.


1 piece of 4.1/2 x 6′ card for the stand.

Score along the 4.1/2 side at 1/2′, 1.1/2, 2.1/2 & 3.1/2

Score along the 6′ side at 1′ & 5′

1 piece of  4.1/2 x 6′ greyboard

1 piece of white 4.3/4 x 6.1/4 card to cover the greyboard.

A wax sealed letter from Santa of gift card looks sweet inside.

Finish with a gift tag, bristle trees, and anything else you want.

Personalise with a house number of the person’s name.

Thank you for visiting today.

Happy crafting.


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