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Multi Level Collapsible Pillar Cards

Hello, today I’m sharing a new style card known as a Collapsible Pillar Card. This card will fold/collapse down to a 6 x 6 size, however you can make this any size you like. This was a requested tutorial, after receiving a few emails directing me to Jamie Rodgers’s version on YouTube. You can find…… Continue reading Multi Level Collapsible Pillar Cards

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Beautiful Expanding Squash Card

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing this Expanding showstopper card. I love long cards, the ones that really stand out from the rest! This one uses some very pretty papers teamed with some Creative Stamping images. Once folded this is a 5 x 7 size and will fit inside one of my box envelopes here. SUPPLIES USED…… Continue reading Beautiful Expanding Squash Card

Accordion Cards · Concertina Fold Cards · Showstopper Cards

Striking Multi-Step Accordion Card

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing another showstopper card, this Multi-Step Accordion Card will certainly stand out from all the rest! When the recipient opens the card, the accordion section pops out! There’s a lot of space inside this card for you to decorate and personalise. I’ve kept the very back of the card for my…… Continue reading Striking Multi-Step Accordion Card

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Hi everyone, here is my Double Double Concertina Interlock Card I recently made. This is such a big card, I struggled to photograph it, but my tutorial below shows all the detail better. I wanted to make a 6 x 6 version of the 5 x 7 one I made last year, but as I…… Continue reading

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Concertina Advent Spring Card

Hello everyone, earlier this week I shared this awesome Concertina Spring Card. This was a requested tutorial after I was sent a picture of one that Youtuber Shrushi Patil had done. Hers is in cm and much bigger so I played around and came up with this version. I had not long received my design…… Continue reading Concertina Advent Spring Card